Tzu Chi University Wins Go Overseas Community Choice Awards of 2021


Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University has selected as one of the Top Language Schools of 2021 for Support, Fun and Housing! It is an honor to receive these three awards.We will continue to do our best to offer excellent service to every student.

Top Language Schools: Support

Support is a critical part of the language learning experience. Without it, many people would struggle to meet their language goals. It is proud to get a high score from reviewers. We will keep to provide  assistance and support.

Myeisha.20.Female.Sri Lanka:

“The teachers were extremely kind and provided as many educational materials as possible. They made learning so much more interesting and engaged with students throughout every class. ”

Top Language Schools: Fun

In addition to Chinese language teaching, Tzu Chi Chinese Language Center also provides Tzu Chi humanities, traditional cultural experiences, and customized courses.

Top Language Schools: Housing

For student, Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University offers guest house. The International College Guest House accommodates up to four students per room. Dormitories are equipped with air-conditioner, water dispensers, refrigerators, and coin operated washing and drying machines.

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