History and Goals

Chinese Language Center (CLC) of Tzu Chi University was founded based on the spirit of the school's founder, Master Cheng Yen. Her spirit of "Great Compassion To people and great mercy for all" guides the center.

  • To provide Mandarin courses in traditional Chinese with listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • To enhance the students’ understanding of the Chinese culture.
  • To inspire students with Tzu Chi spirit of great love, gratitude, respect for each other, and care for everyone.
  • To train Mandarin teachers with Tzu Chi huamnities.


Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University is recognized by The Knowledge Review Magazine in the 10 Most Valuable Language School in East Asia 2019

Classrooms and Environment

CLC has many facilities, including 10 classrooms, outdoor reading areas, and a sky garden and a lounge, etc, providing a great learning environment. 

International College Guest House

The International College Guest House accommodates up to four students per room. Dormitories are equipped with air-conditioner, water dispensers, refrigerators, and coin operated washing and drying machines.


Indigenous Tribe Experience

Hakka Village Culture Tour

Festival-related Activities