TCSL Teacher Training Courses

Courses include the following: (CLC has the authority to make adjustments)

  1. Chinese language pedagogy: Chinese linguistics, Chinese phonetics, Chinese language pedagogical theories and practice, the Chinese Pinyin system, Chinese practical grammar, etc.
  2. Practical courses: Teaching Chinese through multimedia, Teaching Chinese standard pronunciation, lesson plan writing and teaching for totally beginner/beginner/intermediate/advanced level classes, teaching demonstration practice for all levels, etc.
  3. Final Evaluation: written examination and teaching demonstration
  4. Tzu-Chi Humanities: With a view to train Chinese teachers that possess professional teaching skills and excellent character, Tzu-Chi humanities courses are integrated with Chinese pedagogical training, and participation in these courses are an important requirement. This is a unique feature of teacher training courses at CLC, Tzu-Chi University.
Register Information:2024華語文師資培訓班—線上課程招生簡章