【Official TOCFL Test in Tzu Chi University on Nov 14th】


Students of TCU can get 10% discount.

TOCFL Listening & Reading formal test (CBT) will be held on Nov. 14th (Sat.). The registration period is from Oct. 5th (Mon.) to Oct. 21th (Wed.). The test seats are limited, welcome candidates who are non-native speakers of Chinese to seize the chance!


1.Registration Period:10 / 5(Mon.)~ 10 / 21(Wed.)

2.Test Format:Computer-based

3.Test Information:

(1) Test Date:  11/14(Sat.)

(2) Test Type: TOCFL Listening and Reading

(3) Test Level: Band A,B,C

(4) Test Fee: NT$1,600


How to register:

Step1:Please register online at http://reg.sc-top.org.tw/

Step2:Please have an account for applying the test. Applicant who is studying in TCU needs to provide passport number and photos of valid student ID by e-mail for the e-Coupon code. Other applicants can skip this step.

Step3:Please fill in e-Coupon code when confirming registration info (if you have it), print out the TOCFL Test Fee payment slip, and pay at any convenience store (7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart) in Taiwan before the deadline shown on your payment slip.